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Burnt Barn - [Digital File Sale]

Burnt Barn - [Digital File Sale]

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Digital Image file for sale.

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Dimensions: 50 x 28 cm

Resolution:  300

Size:  10.7Mb

Shot in an old abandoned burntout barn, in an industrial estate on Glover creek, north of Queenstown, Tasmania. 

Queenstown is located 260 km north-west of Hobart on the Lyell Highway, 164 km km south of Burnie via the Ridgley and Murchison Highways, and 259 km south-west of Launceston. Known for it’s environmentally vandalised landscape (on a massive scale), Queenstown’s mining and industrial history, of copper smelters and the corrosive, deadly sulphur fumes from eleven furnaces, have eroded and stripped the surrounding hills of it’s soil, creating and a man-made desert. 

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