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Kill Quarry [Digital File Sale]

Kill Quarry [Digital File Sale]

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Digital Image file for sale.

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Dimensions: 50 x 28 cm

Resolution:  300

Size:  12.9Mb

Tasmania’s mining and logging of it’s precious natural resource is devastating the state’s landscape and NEEDS TO STOP! 

This was shot in Rosebery, (a small north western rural town).

Rosebery is the base for an underground polymetallic base metal mine. The operation is located approximately 300 kilometres north-west of Hobart and 125 kilometres south of Burnie.

Zinc, lead and copper concentrates and gold ore are produced at the Rosebery site. The mine Rosebery produced 74,803 tonnes of zinc in zinc concentrate and 26,611 tonnes of lead in 2017. The mine expects to produce 70,000 to 80,000 tonnes of zinc in zinc concentrate in 2018. 

Mining our earth is not the way forward! We need to use our brains to create sustainable ways to live!

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