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Lonely House - [Digital File Sale]

Lonely House - [Digital File Sale]

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Dimensions: 50 x 28 cm

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Shot in the remains of the convict settlement, on Maria Island, Tasmania, Australia 2018.

Maria Island is a natural wildlife sanctuary with historic ruins, sweeping bays, dramatic cliffs and plenty of stories to tell.

Located off Tasmania's east coast and accessible only by ferry, Maria Island contains the most intact example of a convict probation station in Australia. The stone Commissariat Store, 150 metres from the jetty, is the island's oldest building and is now a visitor centre with displays and information about the island.

The island offers excellent walking and cycling journeys. Short walks explore the buildings and ruins of Darlington – a ghost town with a convict and industrial past. The Reservoir Circuit is sheltered from the coastal winds and provides a glimpse of Maria Island's wildlife and history as you  wander through open woodlands into a tall eucalypt forest.

A former limestone quarry at the Fossil Cliffs provides a fascinating close-up look at the many ancient creatures immortalised as fossils in the rocks. The Painted Cliffs at Hopground Beach are beautifully patterned sandstone shaped by the mineral-rich patterned sandstone shaped by the mineral-rich water and wind.

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