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Philosophers Forest [Digital File Sale]

Philosophers Forest [Digital File Sale]

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Philosopher Falls is located 10km south of Waratah, off Corinna Road.

As you enter the rich Myrtle forest you will work way down hill toward the Arthur River on a well defined coarse gravel track. The Ancient canopy of the majestic rainforest has created a wonderland of fungus, moss and tiny creatures along your path. Here the occasional Black Cockatoo or bird of prey screeches from the bows above you.

You can hear the rush of the Arthur River as the track makes a few sharp turns during your steeper approach toward the small crossing bridge. The bridge is a great resting spot to take in the damp atmosphere. From here you walk comfortably along side the abandoned water race for approximately 400m. To reach the waterfall you must take 200 steps down to the viewing platform. Secure footing and handrails are provided to ease your descent.

The waterfall beckons you down to the viewing platform. Once there you feel as though you are flying amongst the treetops, a bank of rich rainforest to the east provides a delightful backdrop to the falls. A craggy solitary Myrtle balances in the foreground of the waterfall; stag horn ferns, mosses and fungi cling to its bark. Leatherwood flowers and a variety of understorey plants provide a seasonal show at the viewing platform.

Philosopher Falls is a spectacular walk particularly during wet periods and autumn when the fungi blooms. This walk is suitable for children and those easily able to climb stairs. Be sure to wear suitable footwear as the gravel sections are a little rough.

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