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The Unmanned [Digital File Sale]

The Unmanned [Digital File Sale]

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Dimensions: 51 x 34 cm

Resolution:  300

Size:  9Mb

Shot at MONA, Tasmania, April 2018

“The Unmanned” exhibition by Fabien Giraud & Raphael Siboni

Humans have radically altered the world that they inhabit, with consequences that might be impossible to gauge. History is still playing out (and maybe always will be). Is it possible to assess a story—the story of human cultural evolution—in a way that is separate to the interests of the teller?

Mona houses the finished first season, The Unmanned: eight films that depict a history of computation in reverse. We begin in 2045, at the tipping point of ‘singularity’, the moment at which some say advances to technology will trigger a runaway process of unimaginable change. The films move backward through time, depicting moments of critical significance to the relationship between humans and technology: from the defeat of chess master Garry Kasparov by the IBM Deep Blue computer in 1997, to worker protests against the automation of the loom in Lyon during the industrial revolution, and finally, the arrival, in 1542, of colonial conquistadors in the land of the Ohlone people, the site of the future Silicon Valley.

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